Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

King of Spades – 2/3 Through the Deck – Jackpot Approx $6500

Cheryl B of Sunfield found the King of Spades in Envelope #18 which won her $80. We have awarded about $3100 in weekly prizes.

We have gone through 37 (Two Thirds) of the envelopes and the Queen of Diamonds has not been found.  There are only 17 Envelopes left.

Make sure to stop by Reno’s to get your tickets.  They are only $1.  You need not be present to win.

The Jackpot is approaching $6500.



Deuce of Clubs

Congrats to Greg B of Lansing (who also won on July 7th) for winning $100 last night.  Greg found the Two of Clubs in envelope #19.  That Deuce was worth an additional $50 and is one of the remaining prize cards.

Because he did not find the Queen of Diamonds, the Jackpot rolls over for the 35th Week.

The Jackpot is estimated to be near $5800 next week.

3 of Clubs – Jackpot Over $5000 – 21 Cards Remain – 10 Prize Cards Left

Congratulations to Greg S. of Portland, MI.  He is the first to win $50 for having his raffle ticket drawn.  The Jackpot is over $5000, which means all prizes double.

There have been 33 drawings, which means there are only 21 cards/envelopes left.  9 of those cards are Additional Prize cards; and of course the Queen of Diamonds is still in there somewhere.

Don’t miss out on any of the money; get to Reno’s to purchase your tickets!

Next week’s jackpot is an Estimated $5500.







Jackpot Will Surpass $5000 This Week; Prizes Double


4 of Spades. Next Week’s Drawing is on Wednesday

Kyle S of Lansing won $25.  he found the 4 of Spades in Envelope #54. 

The Queen of Diamonds is still there; somewhere.  There are 24 envelopes left to find her.

Please note that due to the Holiday, next week’s drawing will be on Wednesday; not Thursday.

The Jackpot is creeping up to $5000; which is when the weekly prizes double.

Next week’s Jackpot will be near $4500.  Make sure you get your tickets!

4 of Clubs

Steve C of Lansing won $25 Thursday.  Envelope #42 had the 4 of Clubs in it.


We are through 29 out of 54 cards on this current jackpot.


Next weeks Jackpot will be over $4200. 

Jackpot over $4000

Kyle S of Lansing won $25 in the Nov. 3 drawing.  He chose envelope #22 which had the 7 of hearts in it.

The previous several weeks winners are:

Oct. 27 Gordon H of Lansing won $25.  Envelope #35/6 of Diamonds

Oct. 20 Marcia S of Mason won $25.  Envelope #23/8 of Clubs

Oct 13 Tim N of Lansing won $25 AND a “House Divided’ MSU/UM cornhole set.  Envelope #37/10 of Spades

There are several important developments in the raffle:

We have had 28 drawings for the current jackpot, which means we are more than halfway through the deck of 54.  There are 26 envelopes left to find the Queen Of Diamonds jackpot card.

The Jackpot is over $4000 for next week.  When the Jackpot reaches $5000, the weekly prizes DOUBLE.  


3 of Diamonds. Special Prizes next week for MSU vs UM

Deb E. of Greenville won $25.  Envelope number 15 had the 3 of Diamonds in it.  

The jackpot continues to grow and could be $3500 or more next week.

Next week’s drawing winner will have the opportunity to win several different prizes.

Whoever gets their ticket drawn will receive:

  • $25 for the drawing
  • Any other additional prizes for drawing a prize card
  • If their envelope contains the Queen of Diamonds, they will of course win their share of the Jackpot
  • To celebrate the Michigan State/Michigan football game, the winner will get to pick a cornhole/bag toss set of their favorite team.  Or pick one of each if you live in a “House Divided”


9 of Clubs

Mona D of Trenton found the 9 of Clubs in envelope #33.  Good for $25.


Next week’s jackpot will be around $3200, so make sure you buy your tickets.   There are 31 envelopes to choose from.