Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

4 of Hearts

John W of Grand Ledge won $25 for finding the 4 of Hearts in envelope #46.  


There are 20 weeks left in the raffle which is a great opportunity to guarantee your entry each week.


Next week’s Jackpot will be over $3000.


6 of Hearts. Jackpot is over $2500

Congrats to Melissa P.  She had her ticket drawn and picked Envelope #31 which had the 6 of Hearts inside.  We have opened 20 envelopes which leaves 34 left to choose from.  The odds of finding the Queen of Diamonds gets better each week.

The jackpot has also surpassed $2500 and will be $3000 very soon.  Remember; once the jackpot hits $5000, the weekly prizes increase.


Since the beginning of the raffle in February, NHI has awarded almost $2500 to two Jackpot winners and almost 40 weekly winners.

You don’t have to be in Lansing to play.  Just contact NHI to purchase tickets.

Ace of Hearts

Bob D of Lansing won $55 for finding the Ace of Spades in Envelope #26.

Next week will be the 20th drawing of this jackpot and the prize will be close to $2500.  Make sure you buy your tickets.

8 of Spades

Congrats to “Bud Lite Bottle Dave” O for winning $25.  Envelope #32 had the 8 of spades.

We’ve drawn 17 cards and after next week will be 1/3 of the way through the deck.


Next week’s jackpot will be over $2100.  Make sure to get your tickets.  Let’s grow that jackpot.


Jack of Hearts

Peggy P of Lansing won $35 by picking envelope #17 which had the Jack of Hearts inside.


We are almost one third of the way through the deck and the Queen has not yet been found.


Next week’s jackpot will be close to $2100

10 of Hearts. Jackpot close to $2000

Ed H. of Lansing was picked last night.  He chose Lucky #7 envelope, which unfortunately wasn’t quite lucky enough.  It did not contain the Queen of Diamonds; it had the 10 of hearts.

While it’s not great news for Ed (he did win $25), it’s good for everyone else as the Jackpot now rolls over.

It will be close to $2000 for next Thursdays drawing.  Make sure you get your tickets; the more that are purchased, the higher the jackpot.

Good Luck!

2 of Diamonds. Jackpot winner will receive at least $1000

Congrats to Peter B of East Lansing for winning $50.  He chose envelope 44 and it contained the 2of Diamonds.

Next week’s Jackpot will be around $1700, which means that the person who finds the Queen of Diamonds will receive at least $1000.

Make sure to get your tickets.

We Have A Triple Winner!!! 9 of Hearts

Triple congrats to Laura C of Lansing; who had her ticket drawn for the THIRD time!  Laura choice last night was envelope #21 which contained the 9 of Hearts.

Unfortunately for Laura, BUT fortunately for the rest of you; she has yet to find the Queen of Diamonds.   So that means the Jackpot continues to grow.

With 41 envelopes to choose from, the Jackpot

will be over $1500 for the July 28th drawing.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win.  Remember; there are winners each week, get your tickets at either Reno’s location or contact the National Hospitality Institute.

Congratulations again Laura! Maybe the 4th time’s a charm.


King of Hearts

Adam S of Lansing won $45 last week for picking envelope #27 which contained the King of Hearts.


10 envelopes have been picked, which leaves 44 left to choose from.


The Jackpot is still over $1000, so make sure to get your tickets for tomorrow’s drawing.

10 of Clubs; Jackpot surpasses $1000

Kyle S of Lansing won $25 for having his ticket drawn.  His envelope, #5, contained the 10 of Clubs.

Since he didn’t find the Queen of Diamonds, the jackpot rolls over.

We have passed $1000, and expect next weeks Jackpot to be at least $1200.

There are 45 cards left to find her.  Make sure you get your tickets at Reno’s or contact NHI.