Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

Monthly Archives: March 2011

5 of Clubs

Congrats to Jim M of Lansing for picking envelope #7 which had the 5 of Clubs in it!  He received $25 in cash for winning the

Next week the expected Jackpot is $800.  Get your tickets!


2 of Diamonds

Kassandra R of Riverdale was lucky on St Patty’s Day and won $50 for picking envelope #9 containing the Two of Diamonds.  She got $25 for winning the raffle and an additional $25 for the deuce.

Envelope Numbers 9, 16, and 33 are gone, there are 51 envelopes left to find the Queen of Diamonds.

Next week’s jackpot is estimated at about $700, so make sure you get your tickets.

Remember all tickets are thrown out each week.  Contact us to find out how you can ensure your entry each week.

5 of Hearts

Lee C of Lansing had his ticket drawn last night.  He chose envelope #16 which contained the 5 of Hearts.  He won $25 for having his ticket picked.

Make sure to buy your ticket for the St. Patrick’s Day drawing.  There are 52 envelopes left.

The jackpot is expected to be at $400, but could be more if more tickets are sold.  Stop by Reno’s East or West, or contact the National Hospitality Institute to find out how you can guarantee you are entered every week.

Good Luck!

6 of Clubs

Congrats to Ken W of Charlotte for winning the week 5 drawing.

He chose envelope number 33 which contained the 6 of clubs.  He wins $25.

The jackpot rolls over to next week.  Make sure to get your tickets.

There are 53 envelopes to choose from.