Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

Monthly Archives: February 2011

Jerrod P Hooked the Queen!!!!

Congratulations to Jerrod P of Lansing for choosing the envelope that contained the Jackpot card!  She was hidden in envelope #12.

Jerrod wins 60% of the $734 jackpot, which is $440.

So what happens now?  It starts all over.

All the cards are now reshuffled, placed back in envelopes and numbered.

The jackpot starts over and tickets are on sale now for next week’s drawing.

All numbers are available.

Estimated Jackpot for the March 3rd drawing is $200.



Ace of Clubs!

Congratulations to Larry M of Lansing on being the winner in the 3rd drawing.  Larry won $25 for having his ticket drawn and an additional $30 because his chosen envelope (#11) contained an Ace.

So the pot rolls over.

It starts at $550 for next weeks drawing.

Make sure to get your tickets.

There are now 51 cards to choose from.

Good Luck!

10 of Diamonds!

Congratulation to L. Valasquez of Lansing for having his name drawn in the second Queen Of Diamonds Raffle Drawing.

He chose envelope #24 which contained the 10 of Diamonds.  He took home $25 for having his name drawn.

The jackpot rolls over and has doubled.

It starts at $400.

Don’t forget, all tickets are thrown out and you must purchase tickets for next week’s drawing.  You can purchase them at either Reno’s location.

There are now 52 cards to choose from.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Tickets for the 2nd Drawing!!

Remember, all raffle tickets are thrown out each week.

You must purchase tickets each week for the Thursday drawing.

You can get them at Reno’s East or West anytime.  Drawings are Thursday’s at 9:30pm at Reno’s West.

Please come Thursday night for the drawing.  Hope to see you there!

2 of Spades!

Congratulations to Rachel H.  of East Lansing for winning the drawing.  She won $25 for having her name drawn.  She chose envelope number 3, which contained the Two of Spades.

That Deuce was worth another $25.  Please see Additional Prizes for a complete listing of the other prizes.

Remember, all tickets sold in the past week are thrown out and we start over.  So make sure you get your tickets for next Thursday’s, Feb. 10th,  raffle.

There are 53 envelopes remaining to choose from.

The Jackpot starts at $200.

Good Luck.