Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

Monthly Archives: July 2011

2 of Diamonds. Jackpot winner will receive at least $1000

Congrats to Peter B of East Lansing for winning $50.  He chose envelope 44 and it contained the 2of Diamonds.

Next week’s Jackpot will be around $1700, which means that the person who finds the Queen of Diamonds will receive at least $1000.

Make sure to get your tickets.


We Have A Triple Winner!!! 9 of Hearts

Triple congrats to Laura C of Lansing; who had her ticket drawn for the THIRD time!  Laura choice last night was envelope #21 which contained the 9 of Hearts.

Unfortunately for Laura, BUT fortunately for the rest of you; she has yet to find the Queen of Diamonds.   So that means the Jackpot continues to grow.

With 41 envelopes to choose from, the Jackpot

will be over $1500 for the July 28th drawing.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win.  Remember; there are winners each week, get your tickets at either Reno’s location or contact the National Hospitality Institute.

Congratulations again Laura! Maybe the 4th time’s a charm.


King of Hearts

Adam S of Lansing won $45 last week for picking envelope #27 which contained the King of Hearts.


10 envelopes have been picked, which leaves 44 left to choose from.


The Jackpot is still over $1000, so make sure to get your tickets for tomorrow’s drawing.