Queen Of Diamonds Raffle at Reno's West

Drawings every Thursday at 9:30 pm License #C25169

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Ace of Spades

Lou A. of Lansing received $55 for finding the Ace of Spades in Envelope #14.Remember, the Jackpot can’t grow if you don’t buy your tickets and there’s a winner of at least $25 each week.

Check out the additional prizes for other ways to win.


Good Friday indeed for Brian P of Lansing

Brian had a very Good Friday.   Here he is receiving his check for $908.  Congrats again Brian!

Brian P hooks the Queen and wins the Jackpot!!!

Congratulations to Brian P of Lansing!!!! He is the second person the find the Queen Of Diamonds.

Brian chose envelope #41 and there she was.

The jackpot was at $1514, 60% of which Brian gets; $908.

In 12 weeks, we’ve paid over $1700 to the winners.  Don’t forget that there the winner receives a cash prize every week.

The Jackpot once again starts at $0 and will build again until the Queen of Diamonds is found.  It’s estimated to be $250 for the April 28th drawing.

All 54 Envelopes are available for next week.

Make sure you get your tickets!

7 of Clubs

Joel E of Muskegon receives $25 for having his ticket drawn.  He found the 7 of Clubs in Envelope #45. 

47 Envelopes left.  There are also quite of few other Prize Cards left.

The Jackpot starts at 1300; but is estimated to be almost $1600 at the time of the drawing.

Big Thanks to Reno’s Staffer Heather for selling 100 tickets this week!

5 of Spades; Jackpot surpasses $1000

Alice A of Lansing won $25 for having her ticket drawn.  Her envelope, #10, contained the 5 of Spades.

Since she didn’t find the Queen of Diamonds, the jackpot rolls over.

We have passed $1000, and expect next weeks Jackpot to be at least $1200.


There are 48 cards left to find her.  Make sure you get your tickets at Reno’s or contact NHI.



2 of Spades

Jessica P of Lansing won $50 for having her name drawn of choosing envelope #13 which had the Two of Spades in it.

Be sure to get your tickets for next week when the jackpot could break the $1000 mark.

There are 49 envelopes left to find the Queen.